Elite Creature Collectibles & Cinemaquette Present 'The Final Chapter' Jason Voorhees Bust!

Many fans of the franchise believe that Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter offers the most menacing and scary incarnation of Jason Voorhees. Having Tom Savini kill his creation in the film is historic in the horror genre, but the original concept and design for Jason's face and head in The Final Chapter came from Jim Kagel. Jim took what Savini had created with young Jason in the original film and crafted a more aged and terrifying psychopathic killer. The result of Jim's work and Savini's masterful demise of Jason in the finale of the film has left a lasting impression among fans.

If you're a fan of Jason's look from the the fourth film in the franchise and have some extra money laying around, then we have some great news! Elite Creature Collectibles & Cinemaquette have unveiled their 30 inch tall Jason Voorhees bust from the The Final Chapter that includes a machete and removable hockey mask. There is a limit of 500 pieces being made and initial pricing on the collectible is $1500. It's a steep price to pay, but avid collectors will surely indulge themselves.

Check out the gallery of images for the bust below, and if interested, visit cinemaquette.com to pre-order the bust at the early bird rate. Read on for more information.