Neca Teases 'Friday The 13th: A New Beginning' Roy Burns Ultimate Edition Figure!

It has been a very long time coming, but Friday The 13th fans are finally going to be getting one of the long sought after versions of "Jason" in action figure form with the new tease of a 7.5 inch Ultimate Edition of Pseudo Jason (Roy Burns) from Friday The 13th: A New Beginning.

Teased on Neca's Twitter Page, Roy can be seen holding a flare in his hand, which he used to dispatch of Vinnie while he fixed his broke-down car in the film. This is exciting news for fans and collectors who have waited an extremely long time for a company to trust that sales for this figure will do good enough to make this much maligned character available to own.

Stay tuned for more details such as accessories, release date, and price in the near future!

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