Cavity Colors Releasing Dead Meat Slimebag 'Jason Takes Manhattan' Shirt

Cavity Colors has released some awesome designs for Friday The 13th and Jason Voorhees over the years. The poster and shirts that were provided helped fans celebrate many fun Friday The 13th dates and our readers have been looking forward to finding out what the producer of horror nostalgia has in store for the franchise. Now they have something very cool coming our way just in time for Friday The 13th.

Just announced on Twitter:
Coming Thursday, July 12th @ 5 PM EST. Take your best shot, motherfu*ker! 💀🎸 Our latest BUY or DIE 72 hour release will arrive to knock your block off! Remember, you’ll only have 3 days to grab one starting Thursday @ 5 PM EST, then it’s gone FOREVER.

Make sure to Visit to order your clothing for this awesome Friday The 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan design!

The Big Apple's in big trouble as indestructable psycho-fiend Jason Voorhees hits the road to New York -- and paints the town "red"

After a shocking return from the grave, the diabolical Jason ships out aboard a teen filled "love boat", bound for New York, which he soon transforms into the the ultimate voyage of the damned. Then one of his terrified victims escapes into the nightmarish maze of Manhattan's subways and sewers, only to confront Jason one final time.