Video Of Jason X Gameplay On Grendel Ship From 'Friday The 13th: The Game' Surfaces

The unfortunate events surrounding the stoppage of new content creation for Friday The 13th: The Game left the inclusion of the highly anticipated Uber-Jason character and accompanying Grendel Ship map from the film Jason X on the cutting room floor. Gun Media and Illfonic had been developing the content for months, for which they had embedded the ongoing work on the DLC in a build of the game that was available for all fans to play. The work was eventually removed from the game.

Recently, a Facebook page uploaded a video of the unlocked in-progress Jason X content within the game, showing Jason patrolling the ship for victims. The map and character work is not finished, so it is a rough idea of what Gun Media wanted to release to the fans, but nonetheless it is fun to see game-play.

It is a shame that we will never get to see this Jason skin and map in the game for play, but perhaps someday a sequel game can be released to include this awesome work for all fans to enjoy!

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