Fan Recreates ‘Jason Goes To Hell’ Demon Model Set

Many fans remember the ending of Jason Goes To Hell where Jason Voorhees is pulled underneath the ground by demon hands to be sent to Hell. The finale used practical effects and actors to complete the scene, however, that was not the original intention for the scene. After the film's theatrical release, copies of the workprint started floating about the World Wide Web and that rough draft of the film showed a different version of the demise of Jason!

Instead of just large hands grabbing Jason to drag him underground, actual Demons emerge from the depths of Hell to take Jason home. The photo above shows a restored portion of the model with figures and environment used to shoot the finale of the film. Problems with budget as well technicalities caused the model and figures to be scratched. However, there was a lot of work put into the design of the unused model.

Now a fan has commissioned a replica piece of this model, also adding Freddy Krueger reaching for Jason! It’s a great looking diorama and homage to Jason Goes To Hell. Check out the photos below to relive Jason’s trip back to Hell.

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