Cavity Colors Releasing 'Jason Goes To Hell' Design Through Friday The 13th

Cavity Colors has released some awesome designs for Friday The 13th and Jason Voorhees over the years. The poster and shirts that were provided helped fans celebrate many fun Friday The 13th dates and our readers have been looking forward to finding out what the producer of horror nostalgia has in store next for the franchise. Just announced tonight, something very cool is coming our way just in time for Friday The 13th.

Wednesday (04/11) at 5 PM est, Cavity Colors' newest 72 HOUR - BUY OR DIE release arrives! It's Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday in all of it's demonic glory. This design will be available on T-shirts, Baseball Tees, tank tops and so much more! Remember, you’ll only have 3 DAYS to buy.... or DIE! After the time period, this design will vanish FOREVER!

Visit to order your clothing starting at 5pm on 4/11/18.

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