Slasher Chronicles: Mark's Machete To The Face In 'Friday The 13th Part 2'

Our continuing series takes a look at the most memorable deaths in the franchise. In our latest Slasher Chronicles we revisit the somewhat controversial death of Mark (Tom McBride) in Friday The 13th Part 2.

If anything, Part 2 showed that Jason Voorhees was an equal opportunity mass murderer when he places a machete into the franchises first and only wheelchair-bound victim. Ready to score with the pretty and frisky Vickie (Lauren-Marie Taylor), Mark waits patiently for her to come back to the main cabin after gathering a few things. Eventually getting over anxious, and hearing a noise on the front deck, he rolls outside to investigate. It is on the deck outside of the cabin that he is suddenly struck from behind in the face by a machete and sent hurtling backwards down a set of steps.

For this shocking sequence, make-up effects artist Carl Fullerton designed a mask for Tom McBride to wear, which the balsa wood machete was then attached to. Pulling the blade away from the actor’s face, the footage was then played back in reverse to create the illusion that Mark had been hit in the face by the machete. After the close-up affect was achieved, the actual stunt was prepped by replacing McBride with stuntman Tony Farentino who was sent backwards down the stairs using a rig to avoid the wheelchair losing control.

The scene is surprising in that it is unusual to see a handicap person murdered in a film at, but especially not in such gruesome and unforgiving fashion. Mark's death is truly one of the most memorable scenes of Friday The 13th Part 2.