Slasher Chronicles: Adrienne's Liquid Nitrogen Bath In Jason X

Our continuing series takes a look at the most memorable deaths in the franchise. In our latest Slasher Chronicles we revisit the face shattering death of Adrienne (Kristi Angus) in Jason X.

With the regular setting of Camp Crystal Lake having grown stale over several installments, filmmakers had been forced to try new locations in which Jason could continue his stalk and slash methodology. Paramount's attempt at relocation sent Jason to New York, however that failed to garner financial success or backing of the fans. When New Line Cinema took over the franchise and patiently waited for the development of Freddy vs Jason, the makers of Jason X, in a last attempt to rejuvenate the formula, sent their antagonist into twenty-fifth century space. This new science fiction location would allow for an array of possibilities for Jason to dispatch of his victims.

The film’s best and most shocking death would go to student scientist Adrienne, who is given the responsibility of performing an autopsy on the recently thawed out Jason Voorhees. While distracted by analyzing the killer's body through a microscope, Adrienne is unaware that Jason has awoken behind her. Mr. Voorhees grabs her by the hair, forcing her face-first into a sink filled with liquid nitrogen. As her face freezes instantly, Jason removes her from nitrogen and smashes her head against the work surface, shattering her face, and tossing her boy to the side.

Up until this point franchise, there has been numerous deaths that shocked and surprised fans, but to have such an effective death like this happen in the tenth film in the series is remarkable.