Mega Part 3 Jason Voorhees Figure Coming From Mezco Toyz

There was a time when Mezco Toyz was the only company making action figures of Jason Voorhees with their Cinema of Fear line. They lost the license to NECA a few years ago for the 7.5 inch figure line, but every so often they come back with a unique figure or piece of memorabilia for the franchise and recently announced is a new 15 inch representation of Jason that should make fans happy.

Mezco is already taking pre-orders for a new Jason Voorhees Mega Scale Figure with sound. This is a figure based on his appearance in Friday The 13th Part 3 with a cloth outfit and about nine points of articulation. The sound effect features plays the trademark “ki ki ki, ma, ma, ma” sound used in the films. The figure is priced at $94 and is scheduled for release in Summer 2018. You can pre-order it at Mezco's site now.

Mezco Unleashes Mega Jason Friday The 13th Figure with Sound Feature

He’s terrorized Camp Crystal Lake, the Big Apple and even the far reaches of space. Now Mezco lets you take the creepy camper-killer home. Introducing Mega Jason from the Friday The 13th horror film series. Standing an imposing 15inches, this super-sized psycho comes complete with his trademark machete and plays his iconic signature sound effect that let’s you know when Jason is near.

The Mega Jason Friday The 13th figure features 9 points of articulation for dynamic camper menacing poses. Jason comes dressed in real cloth clothing modeled after his appearance in Friday The 13th Part 3. The sound is activated by a discrete button on his back.

The Mega Jason Friday The 13th Figure comes packaged in a collector-friendly window box suitable for display in your collection or around the campfire.

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