Meet Officer Dorf Actor Ron Milkie At Friday The 13th Screening Event!

One of the characters from the Friday The 13th franchise that has a cult following over the years is Officer Dorf, who is portrayed by Ron Milkie, from Friday The 13th 1980. Over the years, Ron has been very gracious to appear on radio shows, podcasts and attend several conventions to talk about this role in the original 1980 slasher film. His portrayal of Officer Dorf brought some needed levity to the middle of the story and can always be looked at as the calm before the storm, literally, before Mrs. Voorhees unleashes her terror on Camp Crystal Lake.

For fans of the character, you have a great opportunity to meet Ron Milkie this Summer (August to be exact) at the previously announced Camp Blood 3 screening event. The Mahoning Drive-In will be screening Friday The 13th 1980 for which Ron will be signing autographs and taking pictures before and after the film runs.

For more information about the August 25th event, please visit their ticket site and make it a date to see Officer Dorf explain to the kids at camp what the hip terms for marijuana are.