Friday The 13th: The Game Soundtrack To Be Released By Waxwork Records

There has been a nearly two year build-up of excitement for Gun Media's Friday The 13th: The Game. We have covered the game since it was known as Summer Camp Vol. 1 and when it was announced that Sean Cunningham granted the Friday The 13th license to Gun Media to make their vision an official franchise game, everyone in the community and on our website was very excited. During the process of the game production, fans were given unprecedented access to the creation of the game by being able to watch the motion capture process with Kane Hodder live on Periscope along with some fun progress videos on Youtube.

The game itself has been out for close to two months now and one of the most enjoyable components has been Harry Manfrefini's score. For the game, he combined classic bits of classic score from films in the franchise with new exhilarating music to heighten the fear and tension during gameplay. Gun Media will be shipping CD soundtracks of the score to those fans who backed the game later this year, but thanks to the reporting of Dread Central, Waxwork Records
label founder Kevin Bergeron told Geek in an interview that they will be releasing a brand new, expansive vinyl soundtrack of the game's music!

Oh we’re doin’ it. It’s going to be this crazy expansive double (maybe even triple) LP thing. I mean, the game is so awesome and so much fun to play. And yes, it will be more than just retro Jason’s theme. It’s going to be all the music from the game. I even want to license that Misfits song that plays in the main cabin. We’re pretty tight with Jerry Only, so we just have to reach out at some point.

Waxwork has teased this on social media recently, but this is truly great news and we look forward to finding out more about this release in the future!

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