Waxwork Records Teases More Friday The 13th Soundtracks On Vinyl

Waxwork Records has done an glorious job of releasing the first three Friday The 13th films scores on vinyl over the last couple of years and we know that the fans should expect at least three more soundtracks from surging record company. With that being said, Waxwork released an exceptional teaser video yesterday that let the fans know that we should be expecting more releases very soon.

One other tease that many fans may not know about is that Waxwork may be re-releasing the very limited and hard to find blood-filled vinyl for the original Friday The 13th! Check out the video below and visit the links to see the previous releases by the company. We hope to have news about the Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter very soon!

Friday The 13th
Friday The 13th Part 2
Friday The 13th Part 3

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