Waxwork Records' Friday The 13th Part 2 Vinyl Lets You Impale Jeff And Sandra

Waxwork Records' Friday The 13th Part 2 vinyl soundtrack has been officially released and now shipping. The last few weeks the burgeoning record company has been releasing images of the vinyl designs on their social media outlets with a really cool added feature. On the B side of both Pamela's Sweater and Burlap Sack variants, the label depicts the mattress and metal springs of the bed Jeff and Sandra laid on during their death scene in Part 2. By placing the record on the turn table (B-side up), the spindle pokes through the opening in the record to recreate the infamous death scene of the lovers beinf impaled by a spear through the bed.

This is just a nice little touch added for fun and shows how Waxworks knows their Horror movies and are having fun catering to the fans. Check out the images of the variant records below along with the aforementioned bed label. Visit Waxwork Records to get your copy of this awesome soundtrack today!

About The Release
The original master tapes for the soundtrack were discovered in the Paramount Pictures vaults by Harry Manfredini and have been faithfully restored, edited, and mastered for vinyl to create the definite FRIDAY THE 13TH PART II LP release. Features include 180 gram colored wax housed in a heavyweight old-style tip-on jacket with full package artwork by Rich Kelly, and a fold out poster of the album cover art.

1. Flashback
2. Alice Hangs Up
3. Keep a cool Head (Main Title)
4. Prowler
5. Ralph Gets Cursed
6. Terry Looks For Muffin
7. Jeff and Sandy Are Watched
8. The Chase / Sheriff Visits / Villa Jason
9. Terry In Lake / Dolly In, Scott Out

10. Vickie Is Watched / Jason at Door
11. Vickie Goes Up
12. Jason and Paul Meet
13. Ragtop and Running Ragged
14. Ginny Under The Bed
15. Ginny Visits Villa Jason
16. Who’s At The Door?
17. Return To Chez Jason / End Title