Genre Actor And Friday The 13th 1980 Alumni Irwin Keyes Passes Away

We have just learned today that actor Irwin Keyes has passed away. His family announced his passing via Facebook and we hold them in our thoughts and prayers. Irwin appeared briefly in Friday The 13th 1980 as a bus boy in the cafe/diner that Annie visits in the opening of the film as she looks for a ride to Camp Crystal Lake. He went uncredited for his appearance in the film, but was credited for his appearance in a prior Sean Cunningham film titled Manny's Orphans in 1978.

UPDATE:  The Hollywood Reporter found out the following pertaining to Irwin's passing
Keyes died Wednesday in Playa del Rey, Calif., of complications from acromegaly, a rare disorder caused when the pituitary gland produces too much growth hormone, his manager, Phil Brock of Studio Talent Group, told The Hollywood Reporter.

The personable actor would go on to appear in a myriad of genre films and television shows throughout the 1980's and continued his career to present day. Our Friday The 13th family thanks Irwin for his contribution to the entertainment industry and will never forget his lasting smile on film and in person.

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