Waxwork Records Friday The 13th Part 3 Vinyl Soundtrack Goes On Sale

Waxwork Records proudly presents their Deluxe edition vinyl release of the soundtrack score for Friday The 13th Part 3! Composer Harry Manfredini's score has resonated with fans for decades and now Harry and Waxwork has taken the original analog tracks and helped remaster them for this special music release.

There are two variants for this soundtrack release.

    Deluxe 3-D Lenticular Variant
    2 x LP on 180 Gram Red Vinyl (Sides A & B) and 180 Gram Cyan Vinyl (Sides C & D)
    Art by Ghoulish Gary Pullin
    Every Musical Cue From The Film

    Deluxe Hockey Mask Variant (Standard Album Cover)
    2 x LP, both discs on 180 gram Blood Spattered Hockey Mask Vinyl
    Art By Ghoulish Gary Pullin
    Every Musical Cue From The Film

Waxwork Records teamed up with illustrator Gary Pullin to incorporate Jason front and center on the new album cover. The deluxe quality 3-D lenticular mounted album cover for the heavyweight old-style tip-on gatefold jacket which houses two LP's featuring the complete soundtrack. Sides A & B pressed on Red vinyl and Sides C & D pressed on Cyan vinyl. The 3-D lenticular effect is incredible in person!

For listeners too frightened of the image of Jason hopping right off of their album cover, a second variant without the 3-D lenticular cover is also available featuring the same Gary Pullin illustration, and with both LP's pressed on "Blood Spattered Hockey Mask" vinyl.

The track list is featured below. To order your copy(ies), please visit www.waxworkrecords.com now!


Side A
1. Part 2 Flashback
2. Theme From Friday The 13th Part 3
3. The General Store
4. The Meat Cleaver
5. Arriving At The Barn / Fake Axe

Side B
6. Let's Go For A Swim
7. Who's Up There?
8. In The Barn
9. The Pipe Wrench
10. In The Bedroom
11. Flashback To Meeting Jason
12. Chuck Walks To Outhouse
13. The Lake Dock
14. Shelly Goes To The Barn
15. Wallet In The Lake
16. Debbie Takes A Shower


Side C
17. Walking On Hands
18. The Fuse Box
19. Chili Bites The Big One
20. Nobody Home
21. The Eyes Have It
22. Jason Down Stairs To Barn

Side D
23. Jason Hung
24. Jason Grabs Rope
25. Hallucinating
26. Jason Dead In Barn / End Title Credit
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