Looking Back: Michael Bay Discusses Friday The 13th In 2008

Part of being fans of a film franchise such as Friday the 13th is being able to look back at a time in our life and remember what it was like when a new movie was announced and all of the hype that surrounded it. In the 1980's it was an annual event to see marketing for a new movie. However, there is more appreciation for hype in relation to new Friday the 13th movies now as there are fewer to look forward to.

For you fans that like to reminisce about Friday movies of years past, we thought we would start revisiting old interviews with cast and crew members from various media and print outlets from the past 30 years. It is interesting to read a person's thoughts on a subject during the production in a movie and compare it to what they may have said about the experience many years later.

We'll start off a new today with an interview Entertainment Weekly Online conducted with Director/Producer Michael Bay back in July 2008. The main topics of discussion surrounded Transformers 2 and Friday The 13th 2009. Looking back now, some fans may get a chuckle out of some of the remarks about the film now that we have all seen the finished product. Read the interview below and let us know what you think!

From Entertainment Weekly
You recently wrapped production on your update of Friday the 13th, and horror buffs out there are dying to know: what’s it going to be about?
It’s a reconception of the original. We’re introducing a whole group of new kids. What we always try to do is add a little bit of freshness to these movies that were really scary back then and update them for a new audience.

So are you following the same plot as the very first Friday the 13th?
It’s a little different. I don’t want to give it away because of the Internet crazies.

There’s been rumors that you’re going to include plots from all three Friday the 13ths into your remake. Is that true?
The first two, yeah.

Where did you film the Crystal Lake scenes?
In Austin, where we also shot Texas Chainsaw. Austin gives you a lot of looks.

Is there anything else you are willing to divulge about it?
I haven’t seen the director’s cut because he’s still cutting, but I know this one will really be scary; it’s also funny, as well. It’s a fun college adventure that goes awry. It’s not a movie I would ever show my mom! (Laughs) We don’t make these for our mothers; we make these for the fans out there.

Speaking of those fans, what do you say to people who are worried that an update of Friday the 13th will ruin the original?
There are always haters out there, and you can’t get rid of that. We try to be faithful, and we’re fans ourselves. It’s like when I did Transformers — I listened to the fans, you know, but you still have to make your own movie by respecting what was done and trying to give it a whole new twist.

How have you given it a new twist?
You’re just not going to believe the first 12 minutes! It’s a twist in itself.