You Can Purchase An Original Friday The 13th Part 3 Anaglyphic 3-D Poster!

Even if Friday The 13th Part 3 is not your favorite film in the franchise, the film tends to be held in high regard because of the ambitious use of 3-D effects employed during its production. If fans have ever viewed Part 3 in theaters with the original technology created for the three dimensional effects, then you have witnessed quite possibly the best theatrical representation of the technology ever created. To help market the film, 3-D Video Corporation decided to create a full 3-D poster for Friday The 13th Part 3 for which the company licensed from Paramount to sell.

The full size 24" x 36" poster was edited by Susan Pinsky, of Reel 3-D Enterprises, who was hired by Jim Butterfield, the president of 3D Video Corporation. Susan then hired artist Barry Jackson, 3-D art conversion artist Tony Alderson, and worked with technical consultant John Rupkalvis to create one of the most iconic marketing items from the film ever produced. Some of our readers are even aware that a special pair of 3D glasses were produced to go with the poster and those glasses pop up on eBay from time to time for sale.

Below is the original 3-D poster created by 3-D Video Corporation as well as an image taken during the original shoot where the 3-D effects for the poster were being created.

So here is the exciting news for fans. Reel 3-D Enterprises is selling originally produced posters with glasses from 1982 in their original wrapping! The cost is $49.95, but if you are a collector and a bit of a historian of the franchise, here is an excellent opportunity to own an authentic original printing of this iconic poster from 1982. For details on the sale, visit the eBay sale.