'Friday The 13th: The Game' Video Series Begins With New Updates On Game Progress

Gun Media and Illfonic have begun a bi-weekly video series that will provide production updates of the progress of Friday The 13th: The Game. These videos will give fans and gamers a behind the scenes look how the game is coming together and hopefully answer some of the burning questions that people have been asking about the what to expect from the experience.

From the first video (posted below), Friday The 13th: The Game has moved to full on production mode as they are now taking in the motion capture data that was filmed in January and creating their in-game models that will bring Jason to life. One cool thing that was revealed in the first video of the game development series is that there are a lot of objects from the films that are being rendered to be added in to the game, such as blankets, chairs and killing instruments. These will all serve as fun Easter eggs for the most die-hard fans of the franchise to spot and figure out which of the films they belong to.

Check back for the next bi-weekly update and make sure to vote right now on which new Jason rendition you want added to the game!

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