Great Horror Movie Night Presents: Friday The 13th 1980

Terror and suspense abound in this 24-hour nightmare of blood! That is the first sentence written for the description of one of the most successful horror films in motion picture history. Sean Cunningham's seminal slasher/whodunit paved the way for numerous clones and rip-offs which changed the way major studios looked at producing genre films.

Great Horror Movie Night Presents is now proud to present a brand new screening for Friday The 13th 1980 this May 13th! The event is brought to you by Ten Thirty One Productions and is located at the Griffith Park Old Zoo in Los Angeles, California. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit

About The Film
Terror and suspense abound in this 24-hour nightmare of blood. Camp Crystal Lake has been shuttered for over 20 years due to several vicious and unsolved murders. The camp's new owner and seven young counselors are readying the property for re-opening despite warnings of a "death curse" by local residents. The curse proves true on Friday the 13th as one by one each of the counselors is stalked by a violent killer. This film is widely acclaimed for its horrifying and creative murder sequences.