Updates On Friday The 13th 2017 Filming Schedule And Location Information

Production company Platinum Dunes revealed last October they would be going into production on Friday The 13th (2017) in early Spring 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia with much delight radiating from the fans and our readers. It was also mentioned at that time that casting was to begin in December. Since then we have heard no new updates about casting or filming so we did some research and after speaking with some contacts, have found some very encouraging information.

The new film is currently in pre-production in the city of Conyers, Georgia, which is 24 miles East of Atlanta. This may not be the only location where Jason Voorhees will be stalking teens as our readers are well aware that previous films used multiple locations for filming. The reason that the production in Conyers is interesting is that Platinum Dunes is scheduled for shooting in that town starting in March and lasting through to May. That leads us to believe a good majority of filming should take place in that area. (On a side note, we tried to get the official start date, but were unable to get a solid confirmation.)

Another interesting bit of information about Conyers is that it is just under 12 miles away from Covington, Georgia where Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part VI was filmed!

With Platinum Dunes already listed in pre-production in Conyers and a start date for filming in March, we hope to hear about casting and more about the production in the very near future!