The Devil's Latex Making A Killer 'Jason Goes To Hell' Bust

As many of the readers of this site are aware, I am a huge fan of Jason Goes To Hell and am always on the lookout for some awesome authentic looking masks and busts of Jason from the film. Recently, The Devil's Latex has posted up some great photos of an in-progress sculpt from the film and it looks quite epic.

The Devil's Latex is a creator of custom made keep-sakes, mostly from the horror genre. Based out of Ontario Canada, the company offers a wide arrange of jaw dropping pieces that will look very familiar to Friday fans. Proprietor and main artist Steve Bellamy has been creating these handmade horror works of art for over five years out of his Caldedon workshop and now he is adding to the collection.

Below you will see some in-progress images of his latest Jason Voorhees bust titled "Fathead". I guess the name fits, but whatever you think of the film, the character's design in Jason Goes To Hell is a great look that is often underrated.

Check out The Devil's Latex on Instagram and Facebook.

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