Platinum Dunes Enlists Familiar FX Company For New Friday The 13th Film

With filming ready to commence in Conyers, Georgia on March 19th, news has begun to pour in about the production of Friday The 13th 2017 with casting news and filming information. There will be much more to report on as the weeks go by but we found out something great about the production today that fans may be interested in.

According to a few sources we have for our site, Legacy Effects has been hired to create the hockey masks and props for the film! They may also be involved in creating special effects for the new Friday The 13th as well. Platinum Dunes has worked with the FX company most recently with their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films and this seems a like a great fit to help Jason with his new mask.

What we are being told is that Legacy has been tasked with creating a hockey mask that more closely resembles the original design from Friday The 13th Part 3. We shall see what the end result turns out to be on film, but the company has a tremendous track record in Hollywood and we are excited to see their work in Crystal Lake.
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