Jason's Father Is Now Being Cast In Friday The 13th 2017!

It's hard enough for residents of Crystal Lake to deal with one Voorhees male in town, but it looks like now they will have to deal with two! As confirmation of a report this past June that Jason's father Elias will be in the film, Bloody Disgusting is now reporting on the casting call for the character!

In the description, Platinum Dunes is looking for an actor who is powerful-looking male Caucasian in his late 30s-50s. The character Elias will be a park ranger that works in the area of Camp Crystal Lake and recognizes that Jason is much more than an innocent little boy. Translation: Jason is evil!

Jason having an evil aura around him as a child is something that was going to be explored in the currently defunct television show that was being developed for the CW network, so it seems as though this story arc is something quite popular among writers in Hollywood. Now that we know a young Jason is being cast and his father Elias will also play a role in the film, we must expect a significant prologue to the Voorhees family is forthcoming!

What do you think of Jason's father being a Park Ranger? Stay tuned for even more film news of the upcoming Friday The 13th 2017!

Young Jason Photo Credit: Crash Cunningham
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