Jason Voorhees' Father To Appear In New Friday The 13th Film!

Yesterday we brought our readers news about the upcoming Friday The 13th film that is sounding more and more like a complete reboot for the franchise. The news yesterday confirmed what we had been hearing and that is the origins of Jason Voorhees could be revealed and that writer Aaron Guzikowski's script indeed includes his mother Pamela.

Now, Birth Movies Death has found out from a source close to the production of the new film that Jason's father indeed will make some sort of appearance in the film. We are not certain if he will be a main part of the new film or if he is part of the origin component. I have wanted for so many years to finally have Jason's father introduced in the franchise and hopefully this new film will finally make it happen.

I wouldn't be opposed to the father being an actual killer in the film, perhaps leading up to Jason taking over the reigns. In an era of film-making that is leaning towards more female lead characters being antagonists, it would be refreshing to see the main antagonists in the new Friday The 13th be strong and aggressive male characters.