Franchise Comic Review: Satan's Six Issue 4

When New Line Cinema acquired the Friday The 13th franchise, they quickly began licensing the brand out to companies to help promote the upcoming film Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday. Numerous companies were involved in helping sell the latest outing of Jason Voorhees, and one decided to enter a market that had never been explored before.

Topps Comics was the first to have Jason appear in a comic book and his debut came in July of 1993. He first appeared in Satan’s Six #4 by Tony Isabella and John Cleary (his follow-up debut in the same month was the 3 part series based on the film Jason Goes To Hell). Satan’s Six was part of the Secret City Saga, where Topps created a big story using a number of leftover Jack Kirby ideas. Satan's Six is basically a comedy about the demonic Odious Kamodious, who has his own team of agents out to create chaos in his name, only they always seem to mess up.

In the very beginning of issue #4, Kamodious gets in an argument with one of his demons Frightful and threatens to replace him. In doing so, he summons Jason Voorhees, to carry out his evil deeds. Frightful and teammate Bluedragon go after Jason, but he responds by throwing them a couple times and grunting an enormous amount of times, much like he does in Jason Goes To Hell.

Kamodious summons Jason back to where he found him and starts making numerous references about Jason going to Hell. Jason only appears in a couple of pages and is obvious that this is just a way to not only use the character to sell this comic, but prepare fans for the upcoming film and comic series.

Published: July 1993
Written by: Tony Isabella
Artists: John Cleary, Armando Gil
Colorist: P.K. Zimelman

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