The Nintendo Friday The 13th Game Fan Film Is Coming Soon!

Over the past few years, the resurgence in interest in the old 1980's LJN Nintendo Friday The 13th video game has been nothing short of amazing. Action figures, revamped remakes of the game, and cosplay have driven the demand for more purple Jason Voorhees for the fans. Some fans have even taken it a bit further and are in the midst of producing a fan film based on the cult classic Friday The 13th video game.

The new film will have zombies, a floating Mrs. Voorhees head, and the trademark purple Jason character. Redvolver Studios needs a little bit of money to finish the film (just $1,000), however, and are asking fans to help give them the boost they need to finish filming. Check out their Indiegogo campaign and watch the fun announcement trailer below!

Ever wanted to see the old classic Nintendo FRIDAY THE 13th video game turned into a movie? Well... it is happening! At Redvolver Studios we are making a fan film based on the old Nintendo classic game.

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