Lobby Cards: U.K. 'Friday The 13th: A New Beginning' 8 Card Set

Those that have read our previous stories on memorabilia are very aware of the various Lobby Cards that were created for the Friday the 13th franchise. Lobby Cards were created to promote films that were being released in theatres. Theatre owners would place these cards on tables in the lobby or hang them in poster cases. Eventually, they were phased out in the United States and were not used after the late 1980's. However, other countries outside the U.S. continued to produce the cards and utilized images that were more rare or unseen in normal print publication.

The often talked about and controversial Friday The 13th: A New Beginning had a wide assortment of cards distributed to international territories and one set of eight cards were sent to be used in U.K. cinemas. Below is the eight card set used to promote the fifth film in the franchise. It's great to see them use an image of pseudo Jason as the imagery of the killer was generally not shown in promotional materials in the early Friday the films.

This is actually a pretty good set of cards depicting numerous scenes from the film. What do you think of this set and what are your thoughts on the film?

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