Props Museum: Prop Axes Used In 'Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood'

Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood is a film that is enjoyed by most fans of the franchise. There are numerous reasons fans love the movie, starting with the portrayal of Jason by Kane Hodder or the recycled plot of The Final Chapter or the creative deaths designed by Magical Media Industries. Today we have a look at multiple prop axes (courtesy Mario Kirner and the Friday The 13th Props Museum) used in the film, both of which were used in an infamous edited death scene.

The were two axes used by Jason to kill Russell (Larry Cox) in Friday the 13th Part 7. The first was a stunt version made entirely from painted foam rubber for safety reasons and the second axe was made from a lightweight fiber and rigged with an bracket on the tip that could be placed to the actors head with a belt. There is still movie blood sticking on that aluminum bracket.

Of course, Russell's death scene was cut down to a shortened version by the MPAA prior to the release of the film so the appearance of the axe is very brief. However, the axe is still visible for a short moment and also in the shed scene hanging in the background with some other tools.

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