Behind The Scenes: Jason's Original Sewage Remains From 'Friday The 13th Part 8'

Almost every fan that is asked which film has the worst ending in the entire Friday the 13th film franchise mentions the ending of Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan. Rob Hedden’s intentions for the ending were at the very least understandable, however, the execution and overall idea were not very good. The idea that the evil would be removed from Jason by toxic waste and thus leave behind the little boy he once was, just did not fit the mythos of the original film series at all.

Originally, the end sequence of Jason Takes Manhattan was to showcase a very gooey and eaten away corpse of Jason after being bombarded by toxic waste. The addition of the little boy’s body to the sequence, which is the theatrical ending we see now, was updated to the film later in the creative process. Below is a behind the scenes image of the film crew working on Jason’s corpse which was supposed to be in the film.

This photo further proves that Jason Takes Manhattan was not intended to be the water-downed, goreless affair that fans have now become accustomed to seeing for the last few decades.

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