Props Museum: 'Friday The 13th Part 7' Script Has Ethan Terrorizing A Birthday Bash At Shadow Pond?

As many of our readers are now aware, Friday The 13th films produced in the 1980's were done so under a certain veil of secrecy due to labor issues with unions as well as fans who tried to get close to filming locations for a closer look at the next film in the franchise. Part of keeping the production of these films secret was to give them working titles that did not expose the productions as Friday The 13th films. Such is the case with Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood and it's infamous working title.

The title Birthday Bash was very relevant to the story as it indeed centered around a birthday bash happening next door to embattled telekinetic teenager Tina Shepard. Below are images of an original script acquired by the Friday The 13th Props Museum from the production manager of the film, Rebecca Greeleys.

The script shows the Birthday Bash title for the film as well as the name of Jason Voorhees being substituted with "Ethan" as well as the location Crystal Lake being substituted with "Shadow Pond". These were all little things done to ensure that filming a new Friday The 13th was not leaked out to the general public and jeopardize filming. Is Ethan killing at Shadow Pond not as scary as Jason at Crystal Lake?

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