'Lady In The Lake' Mrs. Voorhees Bust Comes To Life

Over the years, there has been many talented artists who have created stunning replica masks from the various Friday The 13th films. These creations are not just limited to Jason Voorhees' hockey mask, but the many other masks and make-up effects seen throughout the franchise. Recently, Renee Bruggeman unveiled his latest Friday The 13th project, one that is very unique within the community and is a stellar representation of Mrs. Voorhees.

As we all know, Mrs. Voorhees makes an appearance in Friday The 13th Part 3, for which the character emerges from Crystal Lake to attack Chris Higgins in a dream sequence that the film's heroine experiences after her final encounter with Jason Voorhees. This scene shows Pamela Voorhees as a rotted corpse with her head mysteriously re-attached. It's a continuity problem that is normally overlooked by fans because it is a dream, but there is no denying that that make-up work done on Marilyn Poucher to portray the character is creepy.

Renee is now preparing for a run of 13 character busts to be created for fans of this representation of the Mrs. Voorhees. Check out the images below to see the detail that has been put into this project. The current bust is made of resin and foam filled, but the possibility of silicone being used may be in the future. Pricing is still being determined for the life-size bust at the moment and if you have any questions about this "Lady In The Lake", please email Renee at brenee683@aol.com.

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