CONTEST WINNER: Ultimate Friday The 13th Contest

Three weeks ago we started a contest that gave our readers a chance to win numerous prizes from various companies, including Fright-Rags, NECA, Gun Media, and Mad Science Studios. The contest asked fans to take a Friday The 13th quiz to see who had the ultimate knowledge of the franchise.

One winner was chosen at random from the contest entries that had the correct answers and we are now ready to announce the winner!

Congratulations to community member Jay Monzones! You are the winner of our latest contest. The winner has been contacted for their shipping information. Again, congratulations and a great big thank you to all of our readers that participated in this record breaking contest! We really enjoyed reading through all of your answers to the questions. The correct answers are listed below.

Also, a great big thanks to Gun Media (Friday The 13th: The Game), Fright-Rags and Mad Science Studios for contributing to this contest!

1. Which Films Were Shot In Canada?
     Answer:  Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason X, Freddy vs Jason

2. Which Films Did Ken Kirzinger Portray Jason Voorhees In?
    Answer:  Jason Takes Manhattan, Freddy vs Jason

3. What Was The Working Title For Friday The 13th Part 3?
    Answer: Crystal Japan

4. Which Is The Only Film That Jason Uses A Corkscrew To Attack A Victim?
    Answer:  Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter

5What Was The Original Title That Writer Victor Miller Came Up With For 'Friday The 13th' 1980?
    Answer:  Long Night At Camp Blood

6. Elias Was The Name Given To Jason's Dad In 'Jason Goes To Hell'. Who Was The Character Originally Supposed To Be In The Film?
    Answer:  Brother To Jason