Steven Culp At The 'Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday' Theater Premier In 1993

Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday was given the royal treatment by New Line Cinema when it came to marketing and promotion in 1993. The numerous tie-ins with Topps comic books/trading cards and the Eclipse trading card company along with a large movie premier at the Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California gave the franchise a much needed shot of positive exposure outside of the negative kind seen in the 1980's.

The film premier on August 12, 1993 featured a live radio broadcast by the famous Los Angeles morning hosts Mark(Wayne Phelps) and Brian(LaMarr Thompson). So famous were the hosts that they were able to secure their own roles on the film for which we chronicled their involvement a few years ago. The film premier was a huge success and actor Steven Culp ("Robert Campbell" in the film, pictured below at the premier) was quoted as really enjoying the experience.

"The first time I saw it I did quite enjoy myself. There was a premiere at the Mann's Chinese Theatre, and we all came by limo. We were even introduced to the crowed after the filmed ended. It was so much fun. And the audience was so into it. I was also happy that my monster stuff came off as well as it did."

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Even though the film would not become the financial success New Line Cinema had hoped for, the controversial film is still a topic of conversation among Friday The 13th fans twenty years later. The mythology angle may not have sit well with most fans, but the ideas presented within the film gave way to more marketing and promotional freedom than any other film in the franchise to that point, perhaps even more so than Jason Takes Manhattan.