See Updated Images Of The Vancouver 'Jason Takes Manhattan' Film Locations

Over five years ago, we debuted one of the first call sheets ever seen online for Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan. That sheet contained a hand drawn map of the one block radius in Vancouver, British Columbia used to film a majority of the New York scenes in the movie. The main building (located at 156 West Hastings Street) used for filming on the block was the diner seen at the end of the film in New York. The diner's actual name was the Hasting Mill Restaurant, but back in 2011, time had not been kind to the establishment.

The one block radius was used to film all of the alley scenes littered throughout the New York portion of the film as well as the rooftop boxing match between Julius and Jason Voorhees. In fact, the boxing took place on top of the building that housed the diner!

Recently, Robert Patterson took a trip to the filming locations and snapped a plethora of images from the locations in that area, but also captured pics of the dock where the S.S. Lazarus was docked for filming the interiors of the ship. As you will see, the diner building has been completely renovated compared to the images from our prior post.

Make sure to check out the images below to see what the locations look like now and please visit to see even more images of this great location trip from Robert!