Friday The 13th Vehicles And Their Place In The Films

The Friday The 13th film franchise is well known for nudity, elaborate deaths and gore. The iconic symbol of the series is the hockey mask and the anti-hero/monster is Jason Voorhees. These facts are all common knowledge among the fans and genre enthusiasts, however, has anyone really stopped to think about the vehicles that have defined the franchise? For all of the crazy characters that are littered among the films, there must be cars, trucks or vans to get them to their isolated locations for Jason to have his run of carnage.

In the Paramount films, trucks and Volkswagen Beetles were the vehicles of choice. You could also throw in conversion vans as another popular way to travel, but the most unique mode of transportation was the mobile home that Cort drove and used to take out things that go bump in the night! These vehicles are truly as much of the personality of the franchise as any character or death created for the screen.

What are our reader's favorite vehicles in the franchise and which do you think served as a better part of the narration to the film it was in?

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