'Jason X' Writer Todd Farmer Joins Adam Green's Scary Sleepover

Adam Green is always busy making excellent feature and short films, as well as his immensely popular podcast, The Movie Crypt. He is in the midst of the second season of his original series titled Scary Sleepover for which he invites some of the Horror genre's most iconic actors and filmmakers to spend the night with him and discuss what truly frightens them.

Read below to find out more about the show and watch the latest episode with guest Todd Farmer (Writer, Jason X). The pair discuss what scares Todd and have numerous discussions while building Legos.

Filmmaker Adam Green hosts a slumber party with a different celebrity guest each week in ArieScope’s new original series that brings you horror’s biggest stars as you’ve never seen them before… in their pajamas.  Roll out a sleeping bag, eat some junk food, play board games, tell stories, watch movies, and share some laughs as Green uncovers just what scares the artists who scare you for their living.

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