Corey Feldman To Play Cross Dressing Vampire In Upcoming Film 'Corbin Nash'

Corey Feldman has slayed Jason Voorhees as the character Tommy Jarvis, escaped criminals to find pirates treasure in Goonies, and helped vanquish vampires in The Lost Boys, but now he will have to tackle his toughest role yet; a cross-dressing vampire!

According to Deadline, film veterans and genre icons Malcom McDowell and Rutger Hauer have also been announced alongside Corey to star in the new vampire thriller Corbin Nash. In the film, the title character is a New York City cop who transfers to Los Angeles to hunt for his parents’ killer. Once there, he’s brutally murdered and returns to life as the ultimate killer.

Even though vampire films have been played out in recent years, this could be a nice little twist on the sub-genre and having Corey running around in L.A. in drag as a vampire sounds like a lot of fun. Keep and eye for more info on this film as is develops!

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