Writer Nick Antosca Discusses His Time On 'Hannibal' And Scripting Friday The 13th With Necronomicast

Writer Nick Antosca is indeed one of the young writing talents in Hollywood and he has already left his mark with television hits such as MTV's Teen Wolf and NBC's Hannibal. Our readers are also aware that Nick was hired last March to help script the new Friday The 13th film, but unfortunately his idea was not used by Paramount, who are going back to the drawing board.

On the latest episode of the Necronomicast, Nick joins host Brian Corey to discuss his career, including the recent theatrical release of a project he worked titled The Forest, as well as his success with Hannibal and Teen Wolf. Of course, the subject of his involvement with Friday The 13th is eventually talked about where Nick touches upon how he was brought in to help change Paramount's originally planned found footage approach to Crystal Lake and how he and director David Bruckner were pushing hard for a definitive 1980's set film. The best part is that he was hoping to open the film with the vintage 1980's Paramount logo. That would have been awesome!

Listen to the show below, but also please make sure to visit www.necronomicast.com for all of their horror podcast episodes, which includes a chat between Brian and myself about this website!