David Bowie's 'Aladdin Sane' Not Only Part 6 Alias, But Also In The Film!

It has been two weeks since we learned of the unfortunate passing of David Bowie. As we wrote about at that time, a number of his song titles were used for alternate film titles for the Paramount Friday The 13th films to elude unions and the rabid fan base. One of the films that used his song titles was Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6 and that film was shot using the working title Aladdin Sane. Bowie's song was also the title of the album he dropped in 1973, which would go on to produce two hit singles, The Jean Genie and Drive-In Saturday. The album cover for that release would become an iconic piece of his history and a stunning image of a true music legend.

Recently, it was brought to our attention by Magnus of Videogram, that Bowie's album actually makes an appearance in Jason Lives! This is something that is sure to have been discovered by very astute fans already, but for myself and possibly a large number of other fans, this is a fun bit of trivia. In the picture below, during the scene where Sissy and Paula are discussing sending the kids home from Camp Forest Green as well as how to play the card game Camp Blood, you can see the Aladdin Sane LP in the lower right corner.

What I don't know is if this was an intentional Easter egg or just a huge coincidence, but either way this is something fun to point out to other die-hard fans and just another thing to look for when watching the film for the one hundredth time!