What Could Have Been: More Prophet Of Doom Abel In Friday The 13th Part 3

For those fans and visitors to the website that have been following our writing for the past couple of years, you will know that Prophets of Doom were an essential part of Friday the 13th lore in the original Paramount films. Even Jason Takes Manhattan brought its own Prophet aboard the teen filled love boat bound for New York. Bottom line is, fans want to see more of this type of character in the Friday the 13th films and that is why it is so interesting when you find there were more story lines for these particular characters, such as Abel from Friday The 13th Part 3.

For those that are not aware, in Friday The 13th Part 3, The Prophet of Doom Abel was to appear in not one, but three scenes. According to Michael Avallone's book based on the original Part 3 script, and other sources, Abel confronts the group of teenagers in three separate instances.

The first encounter is in the theatrical release when the gang of hiherto teens almost run Abel over in the road. The second encounter was to take place when Shelly and Vera are driving back to Higgins Haven after their encounter with the biker gang in town. Abel is walking along the road, trying to hitch a ride, as the pair drive by him. The third and final encounter is depicted in the images below, where Abel confronts Rick and Chris on their walk back to the house after Rick's battery dies in his Volkswagen Beetle. Abel tries to warn the couple of their impending doom.

There are always reasons for excising moments in films to produce a final product, but these instances would have been interesting as the character himself was a mystery, much like Crazy Ralph.