Ginny Field Crowned Bracket Challenge Champion!

Over the past seven months we have run a massive competition that included 63 characters from the Friday The 13th films. For each week of the past seven months we placed these characters against each other in in brackets and let the fans vote on who they thought would win these bracket contests. As winners were chosen, the pool of characters dwindled down to the final two last week which culminated in a lone champion of the Friday The 13th Bracket Challenge. Congratulations to the character Ginny Field for making it all the way to November and being crowned champion of the Bracket Challenge! We all know that Ginny is a beloved character in the franchise, but the fact she defeated Jason Voorhees and Pamela Voorhees is quite an accomplishment among the fans and their voting and reinforces the love of the character.

I would like to thank everyone who voted during this contest throughout the year and especially to those readers who consistently participated on all of the brackets and match-ups each and every week! You will always be able to revisit the 2015 Bracket Challenge results on our Bracket Page. We will have a new game/competition for our readers to participate in for 2016 and we will have details on that coming in January.


Ginny Field holds a child psychology degree and is a counselor at the counselor training center in Friday The 13th Part 2. Although lacking in promptness, she plays a mean game of chess and knows how to work a chainsaw while cutting firewood. A chainsaw and a psychology degree come in handy for Ginny in order to outwit and defeat Jason Voorhees, which is all in a days work for this heroin.
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