Check Out These Rare Japanese Friday The 13th Theater Tickets

There is something to be said about providing movie fans a high quality experience when distributors release a film to the public. It's the little things that can make watching a movie an event. Japan has always provided some of the most unique marketing and advertising for the Friday the 13th film franchise, and in fact, even the tickets sold to the audience in Japan contain awesome artwork as well!

While browsing the great Japanese Friday The 13th fan website that is run by a friend of our website, Daizab, a superb gallery of Japanese theater tickets were located. These tickets were actually sold to patrons and look more like min-posters or ad inserts rather than tickets. This writer owns the Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood ticket and it is truly impressive to see in person.

Check out the collection of tickets below and make sure to visit Daizab's website for more information.