Waxwork Records Reveals Lenticular Artwork And A Few Details For Friday The 13th Part 3 Release!

Waxwork Records has been dropping subtle hints over the past few months that they were preparing to release the new vinyl soundtrack for Harry Manfredini's score for Friday The 13th Part 3. Today they made it official by first posting the lenticular cover art for the album and it gives off an awesome 3-D effect!

The 3-D album cover features art by Gary Pullin and will house the double LP release. The gatefold cover is a 3-D lenticular print while the records are the colors of 3-D glasses, blue and red! Other cool additions are artwork from the alternate ending of the film and other surprises Waxwork is keeping close to the vest..

We will keep an eye out for more details as they become available, but meantime check out the video posted on Instagram that shows off the awesome cover!

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