Sean Cunningham Talks CW With Friday The 13th TV Show And Direction Of New Film

Everyone was quite disappointed when it was announced last month that the new Friday The 13th film was being delayed once again, this time to 2017. However, with a new video game being released in 2016 and an upcoming television show coming soon from the CW network, fans still have a lot to look forward to in the near future. Recently, Fangoria attended the New York Horror Film Festival where Friday The 13th co-creator Sean Cunningham was in appearance and sat down with the legendary horror mainstay to talk all things Friday The 13th.

Among the topics discussed were the video game, but some interesting tidbits about the television show and new film were also mentioned. Read on for the television and movie revelations and for the full interview, please visit

FANGORIA: I’m very excited to hear that Jason may be slashing through the CW in the near future. Could you tell us why you chose the CW for the new FRIDAY THE 13TH series instead of Netflix or HBO?

CUNNINGHAM: We went with CW because they are probably the most successful genre distributor in the world because they’re not only strong in this country but around the world with their other titles, in particular, ARROW and THE FLASH. They know that market and they know the audience. They’re very smart and very psyched about doing the project.

FANGORIA: There have been rumors going around that the new FRIDAY THE 13TH film will take place during the winter as well as other ideas, can you comment on that?

CUNNINGHAM: They’ve been talking about that, but that’s not going to happen. I think what’s different for sure is Paramount was hung up on trying to do the found footage, which most fans, including me, just thought it wasn’t right. They weren’t saying yes to anything that didn’t work but they couldn’t find anything that would work. So finally, last February they gave up on it and decided to go in a completely different way and now they’re in the process of once again finding a better way to make it.

They need to break out of the core audience and add to that audience to get crossover traffic.  I think the trick will be in taking Jason as he is and finding a way to involve him in slightly more complicated but purely primal stories, and that sounds kind of important but how do you do that? But I think if you can add that to what we already got then I think it really can sing.
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