Could New Friday The 13th Film And TV Show Exist Together For World Building?

One of the most remarkable accomplishments of Marvel Studios within the previous five years is that they were able to create standalone films for their core comic characters (Thor, Captain America, Iron Man) and then tie them neatly into one action packed Avengers film. It must be, in turn, an exhaustive process to write sequel films for each comic hero while keeping in mind previous occurrences between the characters and concurrent timelines. Doing this in film is hard enough, but including a television show in the process must be close to impossible.

Apparently, it's not so hard, or at least not for Marvel, as this was the case with their Captain America sequel and their Agents Of Shield television show. I was really impressed that a major plot turn that happened in the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier directly affected the Agents Of Shield television show. This got me thinking about the upcoming Friday The 13th projects. Could a storyline that is discovered or developed in the Friday The 13th television show crossover into the new film, or vice versa?

Of course, there is a legal and logistical nightmare of trying to get Paramount Pictures and their team of Producers and writers to work hand to hand with Sean Cunningham and the bevy of producers on the television show at the CW network. That right there would probably sever the tie between show and film from the start. However, if you can look past that almost impossible relationship, there could be some really awesome concepts to explore between the two entertainment mediums and create a deeper Friday The 13th universe.

The term "world building" is very popular now within the comic book film realm, and since a film is limited in time for exploring characters or mysteries, this is where I think the new Friday The 13th film could present ideas like the history of Crystal Lake or characters (Crazy Ralph, Mr. Voorhees, Enos, etc.) and use the television show to expand upon those ideas. There could be a back-story presented in film as a side plot that could be investigated further in the show and really give the film and show more worth. There are a lot of fans that yearn for some semblance of continuity with the franchise and this could be a perfect way to start that tradition.

Do you think this could work, and if so what would your idea be for utilizing a television show and film to move a story along?

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