Honest Trailer For Nintendo Friday The 13th Video Game

At this point in our lives, we have all been inundated with Nintendo Jason and the unbelievable influx of merchandise featuring the purple jumpsuit wearing Jason Voorhees. It really is amazing how the glow-in-the-dark Jason character has taken on a life of his own over the past few years. What was once thought as a cool fad that would last maybe a couple of months has seen a full on explosion that has lasted multiple years and now that success has got the infamous LGN published Nintendo game its own honest trailer.

That's right, Smosh games has just dropped their Honest Video Game Trailer for Nintendo's Friday The 13th and you really will not see anything new that many of our readers have not already complained about. Still, the trailer offers a funny look at the infamous game so give it a watch below and let us know what your thoughts of Jason at Sleepaway Camp means to you!

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