Experience The Nintendo Friday The 13th Game Strategy Guide!

It has been 25 years since LJN released the only official Friday The 13th video game to ever be produced for game play. The much maligned game was part of the first wave of Nintendo offerings produced and has frustrated players for decades. Even recently, one of our writers discussed their thoughts on the unusual game-play that has haunted franchise fans for many years. Part of the initial frustration with playing the game was not knowing what to do, or what weapons to use, or even where to trust the direction the map was telling your counselor to go.

What if you had a strategy guide to use that is as detailed as some of the books created for more recent games on the X-Box and PlayStation systems? Well, have no fear as a complete 50 page strategy guide has been compiled by a huge fan of the game, Chris McDonald. He just posted a video to his Youtube account TripleZero Films that is a video explanation of the new strategy guide. We have posted a few images from the extensive guide along with his video tutorial below.

The guide not only helps users beat Jason Voorhees in the game by showing all of the different maps, weapons, and strategies to choose from, but it offers an excellent nostalgic look back to many of our childhoods as we spent hours trying to beat the purple jumpsuit wearing Jason and his floating head mother, Mrs. Voorhees! To download the 50 page PDF guide, please visit the the Youtube Video Tutorial to grab the link for download.

A special thanks to Chris McDonald for creating such a great guide for fans to enjoy.