'Friday The 13th: The Game' Boasts Updated Kickstarter Stretch Goals

Two weeks ago, the gigantic announcement was made that the official Friday The 13th: The Game was kicking into high gear with the team previously working on the game Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp. Gun Media received the Friday The 13th license to use in the game and the creators have been promoting their Kickstarter campaign to raise more funds to create the ultimate franchise experience with Jason Voorhees. Of course we all know by now that Kane Hodder, Tom Savini, Harry Manfredini and Sean Cunningham are all involved with the video game and within the first 14 days of the major announcement, the fundraising campaign has raised over $530,000 of its initial $700,000 goal!

Now there is even more great news; the game developers have updated the stretch goals for donating past the minimum $700,000 needed  to make the game and our readers will be happy with some of the changes. Now included with the initial $700,000 required to make the game is Savini's workshop and the infamous sleeping bag kill seen in Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood! Other stretch golas include the head crush from Part 3, the heart rip from Jason Lives and the ability to attain 3 new Jason Voorhees skins representing the different films. Check out the full list of reveals to this point below.

Help support the game get published by checking out Gun Media's Kickstarter campaign to donate as well as add many more extra features and game-play scenarios for fans to enjoy. Also, visit the new Friday The 13th: The Game website and watch the announcement trailer below! Look for the game to be released in Fall of 2016.