Fangoria Magazine And Friday The 13th: Issue #69

The year of 1987 was a depressing one for Friday the 13th fans for as in the 1980's it was the norm to have a new Jason Voorhees adventure every single year. Spoiled we all were, however that was not the case in 1987. The franchise was on a unusual hiatus and people were still hungry for their beloved franchise. Luckily, Fangoria Magazine had their back.

With another Friday the 13th movie not due to be released until the following year, Fangoria issue #69 continued Marc Shapiro's look into the backgrounds of the six men to play Jason Voorhees up to that point. This particular issue continues with the final three actors to play Jason Voorhees; Ted White (Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter), Dick Wieand (Friday The 13th: A New Beginning, More on his choice for the article later) and C.J. Graham (Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6). Spotlighting Dick Wieand for A New Beginning was a natural choice since he was on-screen as the character Roy Burns who eventually becomes the pseudo Jason. However, our readers all know now that Tom Morga did the majority of scenes dressed up as not only pseudo Jason, but the real Jason Voorhees in dream sequences/hallucinations.

By now, most people know the sorted backgrounds of these three men, and the magazine goes into detail about how they came to get the part as the psychotic killer, wearing the prosthetic appliances, and the hockey mask of the now iconic Jason Voorhees. Ted White is a legendary stuntman who mentions in the article that he did The Final Chapter for a paycheck only, turning down the offer to be in the sequel, A New Beginning. Dick Wieand mentions in the article that he would have everyone soon forget he was in A New Beginning. Finally, C.J. Graham talks about how portraying Jason at night club for an illusionist's trick eventually landed him the role in Jason Lives.

Read the magazine article below and check out Fangoria #68 for the first part of this look at the Six Faces Of Jason!

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