Fangoria Magazine And Friday the 13th: Issue #68

The year of 1987 was a depressing one for Friday the 13th fans for as in the 1980's it was the norm to have a new Jason Voorhees adventure every single year. Spoiled we all were, however that was not the case in 1987. The franchise was on a unusual hiatus and people were still hungry for their beloved franchise. Luckily, Fangoria Magazine had their back.

With another Friday the 13th movie not due to be released until the following year, Fangoria issue #68 promised to delve into the backgrounds of the six men to play Jason Voorhees up to that point. This particular issue actually starts off with the first of the three actors to play Jason; Ari Lehman (Friday The 13th 1980), Warrington Gillette (Friday The 13th Part 2) and Richard Brooker (Friday The 13th Part 3). Of course, they only mentioned Warrington Gillette for Part 2 and as he was the man credited for the role at that time. Fans would of course find out later the entire story of how Jason Voorhees was portrayed in that film.

By now, most people know the sorted backgrounds of these three men, and the magazine goes into detail about how they came to wear the prosthetic appliances, sack and hockey mask of the now iconic Jason Voorhees. When in a bar, ask someone, what do an aspiring child actor, now a lead rock singer, a struggling actor who once was in the women's clothing business and a former trapeze artist all have in common? No, they are not all on the television shows Celebrity Rehab or Celebrity Apprentice, they are all Jason Voorhees!

Check out Part 2 of this article in Fangoria #69 .

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